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About Stainless AD, Your Stainless Steel Furniture Option

At Stainless AD, love for our work translates into the satisfaction of delivering a product you can be glad to buy. We are proud that our products serve businesses, clinics, residential facilities all across North America. Give us the opportunity to offer you a meaningful product, designed with your satisfaction as our goal.

Who We Are

At Stainless AD, we are proud to serve North America with ergonomic and beautiful designs. Our products can be found in many businesses all around the United States. When it comes to quality in sanitary plumbing fixtures, Stainless AD is the best choice.

Stainless, Ergonomic Designs

When you choose Stainless AD for your commercial or residential needs, you’ll receive a product that perfectly suits you. All of our supplies are made with stainless steel, the standard in quality, style and class. We offer great designs that are as conductive as possible.

Why Stainless Steel Matters

We believe in the beauty and efficiency of stainless steel so much that we’ve named our company after the material! Although ceramic is widely considered the go-to option for toilets, stainless steel is easily the best choice for fixtures all across the world. Stainless steel is sturdier and lasts longer than ceramic, thus making it the best option. Where ceramic products like urinals are fragile and difficult to maintain or keep clean, stainless steel can resist whatever is thrown its way. This is excellent for restrooms in business complexes, hospitals or residences.


Stainless AD for North America

Not only do we specialize in urinals an lavatories, we also offer safe drinking fountains, work tables, gab bars, toilets, and trhoughs. Specializing in Stainless Steel design gives.