Getting To Know Us: About Stainless AD

About Us

Redefining form and function with state-of-the-art stainless steel bathroom accessories

Stainless AD was born of a simple idea, creating bathroom accessories that last a lifetime, are low maintenance, and look great. Thus, the stunning range of Stainless AD products came into being. We started with a couple of products to test out how the idea pans out, and over 5 years, we kept adding to our product catalog, thanks to the sheer encouragement and appreciation they have received in the commercial industry. Our range of clients spans from businesses, clinics, schools, residential facilities, and offices across North America. Our mission has always been to present our clientele with a range of bathroom and utility accessories that they will be proud of.

Who We Are

Stainless AD comprises of people who know their way around stainless steel well and believe in the need to have ergonomic, easily maintainable, and aesthetically pleasing bathroom accessories, made of quality stainless steel, anywhere they are needed.

Found in washrooms, across establishments in the U.S., Stainless AD is expanding by and large, as more people come to embrace the modern-contemporary style bathrooms which are a fit for any establishment, be it a school, a commercial space, offices, or a residential complex.

Stainless, Ergonomic Designs

Stainless steel is forever. We all know how strong and durable steel is. Its low maintenance quotient makes it all the more sought after by clients who want something durable yet classy. Form and function DO go hand-in-hand and the Stainless AD products stand testament to that.

Completely ergonomic and thoughtfully designed, all Stainless AD products are made of high-quality stainless steel, that’s a class apart when it comes to quality, comfort, design, and style. If you would like to have some avant-garde pieces for the washrooms in your commercial or residential space, know that you won’t be disappointed.

Why Stainless Steel Matters

We believe in the beauty and efficiency of stainless steel so much that we’ve named our company after the material!

Although ceramic is widely considered the go-to option for toilets, stainless steel is easily the best choice for fixtures all across the world. Stainless steel is sturdier and lasts longer than ceramic.

While ceramic products like urinals are fragile, can easily be vandalized, and are difficult to maintain and clean, stainless steel can resist whatever is thrown it's way. This is excellent for restrooms in business complexes, hospitals, and even in residential spaces.


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That's not all

Not only do we specialize in urinals and lavatories, but we also offer safe drinking fountains, work tables, grab bars, toilets, and troughs. Contact us for a catalog of some of our bestsellers.