Triple Station Surgical Scrub Sink
  • Triple Station Surgical Scrub Sink

Triple Station Surgical Scrub Sink


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Triple Station Surgical Scrub Sink

Looking for a top of the line surgical scrub sink that offers a deep clean and great design? With all  accessories included and options available, including triple scrub stations, our surgical  sinks are the perfect solution for any operating room or medical facility.

Made with high-gauge stainless steel for maximum durability and reliability, our scrub sinks are easy to install and we offer a range of solutions for all your scrubbing and cleaning needs. Browse our range of surgical scrub sinks today. If you want a special product you can request a quote.

What does my purchase include?

• Triple Station Scrub Sink

• Brackets

• Waste Strainer

• P-Trap

• Screws and Wall Anchors

Free Shipping USA and Canada

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